Who We Are

The IP Archery Club is a archery club in Ipswich. Our primary goal is to spread the word about bows, arrows, and everything else archery related. Our club is kid-friendly, and we have a few experienced members who are very willing to give advice and guidance to beginners and less experienced archers. We try to foster a family atmosphere, so outside of archery related events, we also sometimes organize other outdoor trips (camping, fishing, etc) as well as things like game nights and barbecues.

Info for Beginners

The club is still relatively new and we enthusiastically welcome new club members, regardless of their experience venue. Right now, we do not have a set location for the club to shoot – it varies depending on which ranges are available. We are actively working on establishing a ‘home base’ of sorts where we can gather regularly.

If you’re a beginners, feel free to come join us and give archery a try. You don’t have to bring any gear or equipment- many of our members will be more than happy to allow you to borrow theirs.

For those of you who know for sure that you want to get into the sport, (or for any of our members looking to buy a new bow) – there are many resources available on the web to help guide your decision. Since our club’s members are primarily traditionalists, we recommend you buy a recurve bow rather than a compound bow.┬áThe site Take a Bow and Arrow has a pretty good guide to the best recurve bow. They also have guides to compound bows, and (god forbid) crossbows for those of you who might be more interested in less traditional archery.


Membership Information

We are a club that prioritizes safety above all other things, and the first thing we teach new archers and younger club members is the importance of following the safety procedures and not doing anything silly or dangerous.

We also hold a yearly competition to determine the best archer in the club – casually, this award is referred to as the Robin, although officially we call the winner the IP Club Champion. The current holder of the Robin is a bloke called Mark. We expect that Mark will fail to win the championship this year as his head is growing so unnaturally big that it affects his shooting posture.

Most of our members are traditionalists who shoot recurve bows or longbows – while we do allow members who shoot compound bows, archers are not allowed to participate in any club competitions with compounds.

We encourage our members to take part in other competitions outside of the club as well, and while our results so far have been middling, we hope that we can do better in the future.

If you’re interested in joining our little, tight-knit community of archery enthusiasts, you can reach out to us using the information on the contact page.